'Faster Than Skincancer' is an initiative to raise awareness of skin cancer

Film by Manuel Peric noneisreal.at
Camera and Runners: Bernadette Vigl and Manuel Peric
Music by Tom Rosenthal
Campaign and Title Design by Beton beton.studio
Initiative by Spot the Dot spotthedot.org

Each year more and more people are diagnosed with melanoma and other types of skin cancer. Skin cancer is meanwhile in the top 3 of the most common cancer types amongst young adults. Many people don’t take measures to prevent skin cancer and don’t check changes on their skin, while early detection can be crucial. We aim to bring the number of newly diagnosed skin cancer patients down and when prevention has failed, we aim for early detection.

We hope to be 'Faster Than Skincancer' by encouraging you to:
- Protect your skin from sun damage
- Note suspicious spots on your skin (fast)
- Start a conversation about skin cancer

Find more information via fasterthanskincancer.org

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